Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Ain't No White Picket Fence

The religion of tolerance. I see it more and more every day.  Like just the other day, the announcement that Justice of the Peace would all have to perform same sex marriages, no one could opt out anymore.

Exhaulting the tolerance of Everyone. Every thing. Every spirituality (except those that don't tolerate).

More and more people are hopping on that fence everyday, refusing to commit to a side. Trying to create it's own 'side'.  That fence is getting wider and wider, merging with the ground on both sides. It's not a prickly or pointy fence, but a cushiony and soft one. It appears to unite and not divide.

But instead of including everyone for peace sake it's just excluding nothing.

For deception's sake.

This is not just another peace and love movement. It is not loving to bring people to this lack of faith.

And it gets worse before it gets better. This fence will expand across the majority of the world. This fence will be not only THE religion, it will be god.

We will be the 'athiests'.

And then, all at once, there will be no 'third side', no sitting in the middle, no fence of any size. 

There will be black.
There will be white.
Everything will be truly black and white.
No grey areas.
No need for 'white-washing' the black.
No need for colouring up the white.

Each wants to be chosen for the way it is.
And wants to be the only one chosen.
So why not choose today.


LaughingLady said...

Powerful words. I especially like the phrase: "But instead of including everyone for peace sake it's just excluding nothing.

For deception's sake."

Now, how 'bout a follow-up post about how we Christians can combat this fence-sitting in our own lives?! That's where I find I get stuck. I can see it in others and know exactly how to fix THEIR issues, but then I realize I'm doing it in other areas, too, and don't really want to give up my soft, compromising position.

~ L ~ said...

yeah, that's the kicker, isn't it? so easy to have clear vision when it's pointed anywhere but at ourselves.
I have a post bouncing around my head, and it just so happens our current sermon series at Church has been adding to my formulating thoughts, so I just might be posting on this soon.

Shanon said...

There's a great book by Ryan Dobson titled 'Be Intolerant: Because Some Things are Just Stupid'. It's a great book, I recommend picking it up sometime. From the Amazon product description:

Accepting everything means you believe in nothing. When it comes to right and wrong, sitting on the fence won't get you—or the people you love—anywhere. Passiveness is not love. Love is getting in people's faces and telling them the truth.


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