Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wellness Wednesday

Well being and wellness, to me, has never been just about my physical body, but going through the emotional unhealthiness I have experienced the last few years, I've got to keep reminding my own self of balance and healthy choices in ALL areas of my life.
In my prayer time one morning last week I was talking to God about being ok with who I am yet wanting to grow and I received some images that were 'AHA' moments, that I felt I had to share. 
Humans souls were built to aim higher, a built in desire for the heavens, some were built like hot air balloons and some like rockets, BUT the important thing to remember is hot air balloons and rockets are not ALWAYS at the highest point they were designed for, there is an incline, and usually a decline as well.  Yet, do we see a rocket or balloon on the ground and think of it as a failure or useless, of course not.
We realize that it is also built in such a way that it needs time on the ground to prepare for succeeding at reaching it's highest potential.
It is designed in such a way it isn't always going to be at it's highest point.
And in no way does it lose any value just by being at any other height than the highest it was built for.

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