Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion Friday

Have you ever thought back to an outfit and wondered why you don't have any evidence of that favorite sweater, or how awesome you looked in those pants?
I have!
It occurred to me (as I was admiring myself in the office bathroom mirror), I really like this outfit.....I should 'document' some of my fav outfits these days in a blog catalogue of sorts :) So, for posterity, here are just a few of my fashion favs. Forgive the bathroom lighting that is not forgiving at all!!
My preppy argyle vest in light aqua & latte brown diamonds with dark turquoise stripes, white dress shirt underneath and dark green cords. A lovely aqua-precious stone, handmade necklace (made by a friend of mine's mom) feminizes it all.
My black frilly dress shirt with cute capped sleeves and ruffles (that are hard to see) along the buttons. I wore my fav flattering fitted black T under and fastened it with a butterfly brooch ( gift from hubby) where a button is missing and the empire ties don't quite close it on their own. I love wearing it as a simple way to dress up jeans.
My attempt at layering, starting with my fav rouched chocolate brown tank (from Target, should have bought one in every colour!), covered with a hot pink half sweater and a matching scarf in shades of pink, paired with my chocolate brown dress pants (that are almost too big for me to keep up anymore :)
And then, the frumpy, but essential WARM wool sweater for these -40 days we've been having! It's not all that flattering but it is cozy and one of my fav colours, baby pink. Along with my chocolate brown cords, I'm a HOT mess, lol!
And lastly, I'm rebelling against the cold in my black, fitted, turtle T, my teal and lime (colours aren't coming out so realistic) dressy tank blouse, and jean skirt....with black tights and my awesome knee high black heel boots. The necklace is made by a co-worker's wife and you'd think I'd had her make it just for this shirt but I didn't and it matches exactly! 

And this has been a week in the closet of Lori :)

1 comment:

Tami Friesen said...

Love the black frilly top and the last outfit, wow, accentuates you perfectly.

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