Friday, March 21, 2014

Wellness Update

Well it's been a challenging few weeks,  hence the lack of posts, particularly my wellness posts. Work has been changing my role, and an office move, have meant a lot of overtime
I am happy to report though :) in the midst of the last 2 weeks I have only minorly cheated once and it was on a very long day that I forgot to bring a lunch to work. There was a really tiny piece of cake left and I ate it :(
But, the 2nd hardest day, the very next day, was our move day AND our last Friday CR night. I was so exhausted and wanted coffee, but I didn't!  And we had an appetizer/dessert potlock with a bunch of tempting fav desserts and I didn't cave!  :) Although I had 2 helpings of the stuff I was allowed to have :/
I have still managed healthy meals despite the business AND I lost another 3 lbs, 6 in total!
I'm happy with that!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wellness Wednesday

Happy belated wellness Wednesday :) For consistency I figured I'd post but not a lot of new healthy news. Although we celebrated our anniversary last weekend and I allowed myself one cheat, a bottle of wine. Dessert I still stuck to my guns and had chocolate with fruit! And it was delicious, Sean kept 'stealing' small bites :) Here's a glimpse into my delicious,  healthy, yumminess.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Eleventy Years Married

Today we reached the milestone of eleven years married.

Funny thing, on the way to our dinner plans we heard on the radio 'this day in history' that Johnny Cash and June Cartee were married March 1st!  We just happen to have an affinity for the couple, we LOVE the song inspired by them 'Johnny & June' and used lyrics from it in our vow renewal last year. Another interesting tidbit we learned after Wiking them over our starter soup was they were married the year my parents were married and they bothw passed away the year we were married.

I am certain we will have a legacy of love just as strong and devoted. ♡

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