Friday, March 21, 2014

Wellness Update

Well it's been a challenging few weeks,  hence the lack of posts, particularly my wellness posts. Work has been changing my role, and an office move, have meant a lot of overtime
I am happy to report though :) in the midst of the last 2 weeks I have only minorly cheated once and it was on a very long day that I forgot to bring a lunch to work. There was a really tiny piece of cake left and I ate it :(
But, the 2nd hardest day, the very next day, was our move day AND our last Friday CR night. I was so exhausted and wanted coffee, but I didn't!  And we had an appetizer/dessert potlock with a bunch of tempting fav desserts and I didn't cave!  :) Although I had 2 helpings of the stuff I was allowed to have :/
I have still managed healthy meals despite the business AND I lost another 3 lbs, 6 in total!
I'm happy with that!

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