Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wellness Wednesday

Well it's about time I did one of these again, on time! So I'm starting a few days early and posting today :)

Well, it has been 4 weeks since my last cheat, so 98 days down and only the 6 cheats.  I'm pretty pleased with myself! Especially with how many have been flaunted under my nose lately. Donuts, cookies, cake, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls....and more than half the time it's for work and I have to order and arrange it!

I have sensed myself cracking though. Thinking about the temptations a lot. I have had to really proactively deal with this and reach out for accountability. When I selected my luxury foods to eliminate, I did realize a grey area that didn't fall into my 'allowed' but also not in my 'not allowed.' My caveat was that I wouldn't have those items (i.e. candy & popcorn) more often than I would have had if I wasn't removing luxury foods, which is probably only about 3 times a year, each. I have now had my 1/3 candy and 1/3 popcorn. :/

Another thing I have noted is that I am eating out more, and only half/half on the healthy choices, other half not so much. For both my wallet and waistline's sake, I intend to be cutting that out. Entitlement at missing desserts has crept in at work, and busyness has taken over supper hour, but I have a meal plan for the next 7 weeks, so I intend to do much better!

That being said, as of Sunday morning, I have lost another 2 lbs. So, if I pretend the 5 lbs I gained and lost between Dec.24th-28th didn't happen, I have otherwise lost 11 lbs since January, and 8 lbs since starting Shaklee vitamins (and coincidentally haven't worked out either) 6 weeks ago. And now that snow is almost off the sidewalks, and I get out for my regular walks again, I hope to see even more of that happening :)

Spring (if you can call it that) is off to a good start!

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