Saturday, January 15, 2011

Geeky Girl Strikes Again

Ok, this time the domain of my geekdom is the kitchen! Ever since I saw a post on MSN about cool kitchen gadgets I've perused Think Geek and Coolest Gadgets, to find out how to buy them! I can't help but start dreamin' of a bitchin' kitchen (pardon my language) when I see such fun toys like these:

 The Acti-fry, only 1 tbsp oil and it's like deep-fried whatever you want!
The No-Edges baking pan, so every piece of lasagna, or brownie, or whatever, is the end piece! 

 The Donut Factory, yummy personalized donuts that you can make as healthy as you want, or don't want, because they aren't deep fried but sure don't taste that way!
This Icing Pen is a cool concept that should have been around long ago, I finally feel like I could handle decorating with icing if I had this! 
EZ Touchless Infrared Sensor faucet that goes on only when it detects you are near enough to need the water on, don't need to clean your hands before cleaning your hands anymore with this! Or save water while brushing your teeth, endless reasons to want this!
Veggie Peel takes care of the worst part of peeling, cleaning up the peel! 

 SmartCup not only measures (digitally) but also weighs the contents with a scale on the bottom of the cup!  They have measuring spoons as well.
Perfect Portions scale not only gives you weight but all the nutritional information as well! My gosh how much weight could I lose if I used this!!
The Bageldome uses a vaccuum seal to keep baked goods fresh, which I need, my bread is ALWAYS going stale before we finish it!

The Oragami Collander is pretty self explanatory, space saver!

The Sushi Maker Set finally makes self-made sushi a realistic goal, piling everying into halves of a tube and then pushing out the contents onto the wrapper like squishing out playdough...sounds fun too!

This glass toaster is just conceptual right now (by Dyson no less), but sign me up for the waiting list because this is the biggest reason I don't make toast more, I can't stand re-toasting and re-toasting to get the right consistency (and then up with burnt toast anyway!).

And here are some cool gift ideas for those guys who like to grill (that's me in our house, so I love these too!)

Unbelievably cool, Thermometer Tongs especially for chicken! I hate cutting meat to see the inside if it is done, or even if I pull out my thermometer, this is just so much easier since you already need the tongs!

A Mesh-Fry Pan, so that you can actually grill items that are too small to fit on the grill, like small potatoes, veggies, etc., so they can still get that smokeyness and gill marks that make them so much yummier.

And these are just the ones I actually could use often, not just the gadgets that are for novelty and frivolity :)


PamJ said...

Oh my! That is one wicked post! I LOVE my kitchen gadgets and could see myself using some of those you mentioned :)

Pamela said...

I could totally use that veggie peel thing...or rather my kids could. I hate when they put their peel in the sink and then don't flip the garbage disposal thing switch!

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