Thursday, January 20, 2011

Truthful Thursdays

I've always loved the poem footprints, even as a child when I really didn't have much idea of what a burden was. Now as an adult I find myself attempting to become a person who doesn't need to be carried, 'if only I can get to the point I'm strong and good enough, then I won't have such hard times in my life that Jesus is burdened to carry me.' As I was pondering the start of a new blog, one I intend to set up for facilitating more truth seeking (Bible Study, etc.), I think I finally gained some clarity and saw that Jesus doesn't want to carry us less, he wants to carry us more. It is through our weakness/imperfection that his love and glory can really shine through.

In my life I want to see his footsteps more than mine. I want to follow in Jesus' footsteps, live the life he exemplified. I hope to use my new blog to help that happen. A way to make reading scripture new, and different, and more engaging. A way to study personal implications of scripture and how to apply it.  A place to sort out my own thoughts and feelings about what God is telling me through his word.

A journey starts with one step, and although my journey with God has started millions of steps ago, I have begun a new journey, one I hope to look back on one day and see only one set of footprints.

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