Monday, January 3, 2011

The Last of My 101 List - Accomplished

I am done with my 101 List as of my break, but still managed to accomplish some things, or had some accomplished just before then. Here is what I was able to strike off the list, and a new and different kind of list will be posted shortly.

16. Get an iPhone
 - done as of October

38. Sponser a child from our Church's African care points
 - done as of November

71. Go to Red River Ex for day of games & evening of concerts
– Due to the concert available at the Portage Ex we decided to forgo the Red River Ex for that one, and saw Paul Brandt & High Valley!

81. Work at reducing expenditures, learn to live with less in order to be able to work less
– reduced hydro costs: efficiency changes, new furnace and appliances
– smarter money management, putting money towards highest interest $ (both paying off and savings)

87. Replace appliances with energy efficient appliances as we can afford
- new stove delivered July 29/10 - new fridge delivered July 23/10

88. Get energy efficient furnace
– replaced with 95% efficiency furnace July 16/10

99. Purchase energy efficient vehicle
– bought 2009 Dodge Journey, and although we paid more than we originally planned, we are paying less than the Jeep, we were able to include an amazing warranty (to save more $$) and a set of winter tires (again, save money on gas and lengthen life of both sets of tires). fuel efficiency is at least equal to the Jeep, maybe slightly better.

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