Monday, January 24, 2011

Musical Mondays - S.O.S.....pads

This isn't my traditional Musical Monday, the lyrics don't really have anything to do with my post other than S.O.S. is not just the name of one of my favorite ABBA songs, but also a cleansing utensil I used this weekend to tackle some cleaning!

So why am I talking about dance music and cleaning??

I find it so much more fun to clean if I am blaring dance music (of which ABBA is a large portion of my dance play list), but I am also finding it much more fun to clean now that I'm utelizing Fly Lady tactics on my own terms! This weekend alone I accomplished 3 full and 2 half FL tactics, 1 I could skip because it was still good from last time, laundry and dishes, and Sean cleaned all the floors upstairs.  The time it hour!

I first tried Fly Lady just about a year ago and at first really went for it all gung-ho, however as I started flying through some of the tips and tricks and zone cleaning I found some of it just didn't apply to me, and during those days I didn't have anything to do because it wasn't on the agenda according to the website, well I lost momentum and interest and eventually stopped altogether.  I didn't lose the desire to keep my house mostly clean and tidy with little effort, I just lost the mojo I had when I first absorbed all the tips/tricks for maximizing clean and minimizing time spent.

Well, revisiting my desire to be a good steward of my home I headed back to the Fly Lady website and decided to go for it again.  This time, I went through the whole list of tips, zones, etc. and made a list of all the things I could/wanted to impliment, plus a few of my own, I grouped them into 28 activities and placed them each in their own day in my Outlook calendar, and then made them all repeat on that day of the month every month. Since not every month has the same amount of days I get a break from a daily task 2-3 days of the month most months, but each daily task isn't that overwhelming, it's anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes a day....that's it!  And as the Fly Lady says, if you miss a day, don't sweat it, you will get the exact same reminder in a month :)

Then I also decided to add in a thorough deep clean of at least one room per month, based on the 'deep clean' tips I've been finding on another blog I follow, Time Warp Wife, such as 28 Step to a Deep Cleaned Bedroom. She also has a post for kitchens and bathrooms.

Now, I've been going for almost a whole month strong, rarely have I missed a task, and those that I have are usually because that spot was just recently done before I implimented these tactics.  I am really, really stoked about this method and my clean and tidy house that is getting easier and easier to maintain by the day....I am so excited I DO feel like dancing!

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Pamela said...

I heart flylady and have to get back to following her routines. (Thanks for the links, they look helpful!)

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