Friday, January 28, 2011

A day in the life of me

Stole this idea from my cuz Pam, but as I'm all about the 'documentary' blog themes I just had to rip it off.  This is actually 'a day in the life of me' that happened this past wednesday.

The alarm clock, that I usually don't hear, I usually don't wake up until I hear Sean getting out of the shower and then I get up. Oh, and it's 15 minutes ahead, which is a trick we use because even though we know it's ahead, it just doesn't feel right staying in bed longer when it shows after 7 am.

Then I start coffee for my dear addict hubby.

The before and after in the mirror. Love my squinty eyes getting used to the light, lol. It's a pull the hair up day because a) it's time for a trip to the salon and b) I have a Chiropractor appointment later that hair should be out of the way for.

Breakfast, my low cal raspberry cocoa muffins, and a handful of vitamins with some yummy fruit juice.

Listen to the QX104 Waking Crew on the ride to work, what a riot.

Drop off hubby downtown, of course I have to get back into traffic quickly, so this is him (the blob circled in yellow) in the rearview mirror.

I pull into the Golder Associates parking lot at about this time most days.

Here is my office.

Me logging into my computer.

First thing I try to do is write down the verse I memorized the day before, then look up a new verse, and then write the first initial of every word in the verse down so I can use that as a memorization prompt.

After my 'daily bread' I get my water bottle filled, first trip of 2-3.

Getting some new accounting folders set up for 2011 filing.

Covering reception for awhile.  Yes that's Facebook on my screen, it's sometimes hard to bring my work down, so if I don't have any little jobs I can bring with me for a short coverage duration, that's when you'll find me on FB :)

Making coffee for an afternoon presentation/meeting on benefits.  Would have taken a picture of the goodies that we had for the meeting, but they got claimed far too fast.

After work, picking up Sean from his office parking lot, that's him walking towards me.  That crane in the background is for work on the Human Rights Museum.

Now time for our monthly Chiropractor visit, these 'beds' alone are just wonderful, immediately feel better just lying on them :)

This is Ember impatiently waiting for us to get inside.  She meows like we haven't been home for a week, and she peeks through this crack at us until we open the door.

This is our quick and easy supper today because now I have a hair appointment to get to for 6 pm.

This is me at the salon, before, waiting for the hair dresser to mix the bleach. Normally it's my friend Heather, but she's on mat leave, so had a replacement today.

Waiting for the bleach to do it's magic.

Now waiting for the toner to make my hair not so yellow.

Tada, perfect blonde again :)

Got home just in time to watch Criminal Minds.


And I'm rarely ever just watching t.v., so I've got a project on the ottoman in front of me, refinishing some cheap frames to look like they are lovely seashell instead of plain ol' wood. These will be for my upstairs bathroom, a 'seaside escape' theme.

And then I talked on the phone with my sis Tami for a bit, which I couldn't take a picture of because I was talking on my camera :)

And then I hit the hay, after reading my daily Love Dare - which was "Love is Unconditional" and my assignment is to do something that is obvious I wouldn't do it other than because I love him. I'm going to go to a wrestling pay-per-view with him to accomplish this, for some reason he wants me along on this otherwise typical guys night out, so that's what I'm going to do.


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Pamela said...

So fun! I loved seeing your day. I think it is cool that you and Sean ride to work each day together. What a great way to begin and end your day. You are so lucky to be able to drink so much water. I have tried that but having controlled pee breaks make it very difficult! That one pic of you at the salon makes it look like you are bald!

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