Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Laugh of the Day

Okay, my teacher cuz Pam has found the most hilarious children's book series Elephant & Piggie, and she shared this one with me (actually at Christmas time) but I was reminded of it recently so had to share the story that was so LOL it made me double over until my stomach hurt and I was crying!

I love the humor of what is not said.  The snake's silence makes them give an answer.

And continues to make them explain further.

I can't find photos of the rest but it gets more and more hilarious! 

Elephant and Piggie feel they have to explain, "You don't have arms."

The snake yells, "WHAT!!! I DON'T HAVE ARMS!!!!"


Just kidding, he knows he doesn't have arms.  But wants to try anyway.  So they throw the ball at him. And hit him. And try throwing the ball again. And hit him again.....and again....and again.

So he doensn't want to play like that anymore.  But Elephant and Piggie want to play with him, so they find another way.

They play catch WITH snake!

My gosh, that's the funniest book I've read, and one of my new favs, don't care it's meant for kids 1/3 my size and 1/5 my age!

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Pamela said...

Mo WIllems=best. author. ever.

I just found out that I get a book allowance this year and I am seriously going to buy all of his books. (I usually just check them out of the library for when I feature Mo Willems as my author of the month but now I can have them all the time!)

He has two new ones coming out "I think I broke my trunk" and one about sharing ice cream. I can't wait to read them.

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