Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fools for Friendship

There is nothing better than a friendship where you can make a fool of yourself in front of them and they don't think any less of you, in fact, they join in!  It was April Fool's day today, but it's no joke that we have awesome friends who we love to have fun with :)

We had a great day of hanging out with friends today! Right after Church we had 2 couples over for potluck lunch. We've hung out with each of the couples seperately but it was neat to bring together people who didn't previously really know each other and all hang out. 

I love potluck style gatherings, the food is always amazingly yummy!  Antipasto, meat and cheese platter, asian salad, fresh homemade bread, meat balls, fruit and dip, and wine, SO good! We spent the afternoon getting to know each other better and laughing a lot, good times!  In fact I was so busy eating and having a good time that I didn't take any pictures except for the aftermath :)

the dishes

the leftovers

and a lovely gift from one of our guests

Then we jetted off to another night of friends, with Sean's brother, and their wrestling fan gang :)  Off to watch Wrestlemania!

We are another bunch that get WAY silly and rowdy (not that these pictures show that :), and we're great evidence that people with very different backgrounds, view points, personalities, and with a few similar tastes, can enjoy each other's company so much! And, ALL 6 of us agree on the same pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch....mmmmm....when does that ever happen!

We are so blessed to have so many great people we can call true friends in our lives!

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