Saturday, March 31, 2012

Handmade Pay-it-Forward 2012

So as I've mentioned here before, I joined a Facebook challenge from my friend Lori for a 'Hand-made Pay-It-Forward' challenge, where the first 5 people to comment on the offer would receive something handmade by the end of 2012, and so I commented to receive something from her and then paid it forward and offered the challenge on FB as well. 

This is what I received from Lori, the most delicious biscotti I have ever had. It was chocolate with hazelnut and dipped in white chocolate! And considering it was shipped all the way from Calgary it still tasted so fresh and soft! She's an amazing cook/baker that one :)

I have 2 more handmade gifts coming my way, as 2 of the friends who commented on my post also paid it forward, and so I signed up for theirs, of course!

For my own gifts I threw a bunch of ideas around but then I stumbled on an idea on Pinterest (gotta love that Pinterest!) and at first thought it was a perfect addition to the stack of gifts for my friend who had a baby, but then I realized the potential I could create out of this idea. I bought all the supplies and started on my first one and loved it! Not only the finished product but I loved the process, wondering at each step of the creative choices, if it will look the way I hope, and just watching it develop into something beautiful at my hand. I have SO missed the feeling of creating like that!

So, here are my creations!
for Tanyss - the baby gift
 for my sister Jodi - who quickly snuck in and wanted it for her birthday.
 for Lori - the originator of this challenge, and from whom I received my yummy biscotti
 for Joanne - who makes delectable goodies with which I hope she'll pay forward to me :)
 for Shanon - my long distance friend, hope this makes it to the US ok!

That was soooo much fun, and I haven't even received most of my gifts yet :) I'm going to keep this kind of painting up, I love it! And I just may have to promote another challenge like this! But of course, to keep future potential participants guessing, I'm going to have to switch up what I make them ;)

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