Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Best Things In Life

Most women have had a life-long best friend, or one they have had at least a large portion their life.

Not me.

Even after we stopped moving at age 10, you have no idea how many years I spent trying to 'deserve' the friendships of my peers, to the point of becoming co-dependent.

Female friendships especially eluded me, until highschool it was rare I had even one true girlfriend, one that wasn't around because I was a doormat.

Highschool brought a handful of girlfriends into my life, yet I was easily annoyed by the drama, gossip, cattiness, and fickleness of teenage girls and did eventually back away from some of those relationships. I often preferred guy friends (and not just because I was guy-obessed).

Into adulthood I was no longer an outcast and actually found it very easy to connect with more women, and I realized there were a higher percentage of women out there like me, after you take away highschool drama! I still often found it easier to connect with guy friends though.

The few female friendships I had from 16 on, I grew to really value and trust them, but there just wasn't that 'bestie' connection. Often by that point in life these women had their own well established best friends and I kinda felt my desire for a deeper connection was one sided.  Or life would get in the way, or a guy would get in the way, things that shouldn't get in the way if it was a real kinship.

I somewhat resigned myself to the fact I may never have that best girlfriend, so I stopped trying so hard, stop trying to earn 'bestie' status.  I just took every friendship I had and just enjoyed what they brought to my life.  And I just focused on being the best friend I could be.

Maybe it was because I know longer reaked of desperation, or maybe it was all about timing, but God is the greatest 'networker' and he brought into my life new friends over the last few years that have just naturally developed a deeper connection in short order. Inexplicably strong connections you can't try to manufacture. Friendships that feel like they may as well have been life-long! I have been soooo blessed to have these women in my life! The kind of women I can truly call kindred spirits (for all you AGG fans like me :). Support, encouragement, laughter, prayer, celebration, honesty, inspiration and the list goes on!

Best friends are definitely one of the Best Things in Life!

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Just Be Real said...

Appreciate you sharing. I could relate some what. I still to this day struggle with relationships. Blessings.

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