Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Haven't done a top ten in awhile :) so here's a quick and easy one, Top 10 Cakes (I'd like to get for my birthday, lol, jk). Why cake? Other than I love cake? Well, lately Sean keeps asking for cake rather than bacon (very strange, yes!?), and it's planted a seed in my head I can't shake. Then we had birthday cake at the office yesterday, but I only had a teeeeeny bit because technically was a no sugar day. And people keep pinning beautiful cakes on Pinterest! So without further ado, here are my top ten cakes I'd love to dive into, in no particular order of preference (taste or loveliness):
1. This Rose Ombre Cake!

I've always been fixated on the beauty of graduated layers of color, also called ombre. I also love roses and the colour pink! This icing is butter cream, my fav of course, and I imagine a strawberry shortcake kind of taste. Perfection!

2. A Donut Cake

 I'm becoming very fond of the desserts stacked like a cake, but my love for mini-donuts says this one 'takes the cake!' And I'm surprised by how lovely it looks with a little flower on top. Love it!

3. The Rainbow Cake

 For those of you who know my penchant for being indecisive when it comes to colours and flavours, so I'm often heard saying 'I'll have one of each', you get why this is the perfect cake for me! And I just adore rainbows!

4. The Decadent Cake

 I've been drawn to this style of vintage sweet shop splendor about 10 years now, I love the pastel pink contrasting with black, I love cake pedestals, the elegant details. It could be just about any flavor inside there and I would love it!

5. Cake Pops

Cake pops are the most adorable yet fabulous little pieces of yummy art! And, once again, they solve my problem of choosing a colour and flavour, everyone with me now 'I'll have one of each!'

6. Pretty Petal Cupcakes

There are literally thousands of cupcakes on Pinterest I could waste all day picking a favorite, so I picked the prettiest ones because lets face it, I'll eat just about anything with sugar in it!  And I love hydrangeas.

7. The Shabby Chic Ruffle Cake

This is a work of art, mossy green ombre icing ruffles with cherry blossom like accents, I almost wouldn't be able to bare cutting it! Yet, I think that might be vanilla bean bunt cake underneath all that prettiness calling my name!

8. Smores Cake

 Ok, chocolate cake + smores = Yes Please! What a brilliant cake concept!

9. Cake

Yet another genius combination of flavors, my good ol' standby birthday cake, Angel Food cake (usually with lemon-whip cream frosting and fresh raspberries) but with lime zest baked into the cake and coconut butter cream frosting! I LOVE coconut lime! I think my feet might have left the ground thinking of this one.

10. Raspberry Chocolate Icecream Cake

3 of my fav things, raspberries, chocolate and icecream! Yum! And nothing beats the chocolate crunchies that go on the base of an icecream cake.  Another great flavour combo mastermind.

Now that I equally hate and love that I'm not an expert baker/cake maker, I will wipe the drool off my keyboard and get back to work.

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