Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celebrating New Birth

One of my friends/co-workers/neighbors/Church family had a beautiful baby boy, Jonah, on February 11th and today we celebrated his life at their baby shower!

Here's Jonah!

Here are some of the presents I gave Tanyss and Jonah. This was made by my sister cute! It's in some of Tanyss' fav colours. Tami makes a lot of different crochet items but especially the most adorable/pretty hats, at Trims and Brims.

This blanket was made by Baby Mine (who happens to be Tami's cousin-in-law). They are the softest blankets ever, a fabric called minky. She lets you pick out your own patterns, on both sides of the blanket, and the edging colour...your own one of a kind and SO SO soft baby blanket!

This is the painting I made for Tanyss, either for the nursery or not, but she loves trees and birds and I made it to represent their family of  three now.  The colour green I managed to almost identically match to the nursery and the kitchen. She loved it!

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Pamela said...

What a cutie and I LOVE the gifts.

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