Tuesday, March 6, 2012

things I don't want to forget from....

our 9th anniversary celebrations:

~ you thought you were hilarious when you joked you had brought your laptop to play video games on the wireless internet
~ laughing at slot machine names, like 'Super Happy Fortune Cat...now with Lucky Hamster!'
~ Ghost-Buster's shirt, aka, lingerie
~ how I actually surprised you by smuggling in a venti cup with only your favorite Starbucks syrups on the bottom so I could make 'your coffee' Monday morning, even though we were 30 min. away from the nearest shop
~ you couldn't even eat my left over bacon at breakfast!
~ you are 'awesome' because of the way you fixed the hotel room toilet
~ our talk on the drive home
~ how much I love spending time with you

(this is us at our first out of town get-away, 2001)

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