Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

I'm thinking I need to bring this post back as a regularly scheduled part of my blog, to add some accountability in my life....if I force myself to blab about what I did or didn't do through the week, maybe I won't behave so badly!

I decided to give in to emotional eating and hormones BIG TIME this week!  Some of it I'm not really willing to talk about, but chalk it up to expectations. It's partly to do with other words I'm a Piggie during MS.... I give up on the scale that week 'due to bloating' but mostly because I feel YUCK for numerous reasons, and then take that as license to not care....even though I do.


It's not just the lack of exercise, or the complete lack of activity all together with my butt essentially glued to the couch.

No. That's not the worst part.

The worst part is the food I stuff in my face. And that food is all the food I've reduced over the last 5 months, that has had a huge impact on my ability to maintain my weight loss without calorie counting.

I stepped on the scale this morning and there may still be a little water retention left but I doubt it. I gained 5 lbs this week. Can't even blame it on Easter in the least, our gathering is next weekend. I know the key is to NOT turn this into self-hatred/punishment because it just snowballs. But I'm very disappointed because I've reignited the cravings I've been able to keep in check until now.

I really do know better than this :( Somehow I have to figure out how my stomach managed to shut off my brain!

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