Sunday, April 8, 2012

Giving up.....stuff

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to give up stuff for lent, purging all the unnecessary crap I've accumulated in my 34.75 years. 

I went gang-busters at first because I had somewhat started as soon as I heard about this challenge earlier in the year, and so I went at my storage room with a vengeance.  That was the easiest area of my home to purge. 

this is after, forgot to take before
1 large box of give-away stuff and plenty of trash!

The rest has been a little slower going. Partly because of busyness and trying to stay healthy (avoiding viruses and fat), partly because the rest has been a bit harder to part with. There was plenty of old crafting supplies I couldn't sell from my previous sale, great for kid activities, so donating to Church and nieces.


There were still quite a bit of sell-worthy items, will likely do a Facebook garage sale. Sean, the minimalist, was actually a little resistant to some of the things I was trying to purge, but he let me free up a bit of space in our movie and video game collection. His suit collection he did not let me touch :)
I kept postponing going through my craft room. I'm not sure why it's been so hard to give up pretty crafting stuff when I haven't really used it in almost a year! But I did a good job of avoiding this room :( I really need to get down to it and find more of my supplies I could sell or donate, I hope to do this soon and add to an online garage sale.

I actually still ended up close to meeting my goal of 36 bags (mid-sized) though! Here is the breakdown:

Trash = 13 bags
Give Away (re-gift/donate) = 18 bags
Sell = 5 bags

Now, to continue in this spirit and not work so hard at cluttering my life up going forward!

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