Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden Gifts

I may have mentioned my wildly out of control Oregano bush (yes, bush, not plant) and even after giving some of it away still ended up with a lot, so I decided to dry some of it, which I now have in my cupboard, and the rest I used to infuse olive oil and vodka.

I've mentioned before my foray into infusing my own vodka and oil before, I've put garlic in my olive oil before and I've done a variety of vodka flavours; basil, vanilla, lemon, and apple. I've loved the way I've been able to use these interesting infusions of flavour in my cooking and so I thought it would be perfect to use up most of my oregano (didn't quite get it all before the frost last fall). 

So, I did it and ended up with 2 litres of oil and 1.25 litres of vodka. It will take me quite a long time to use that all up myself, so I put out a search party to look for some nifty decanters to put them in so I can give some away as gifts.
my set 

I wasn't sure who would be interested in this chef's experiment of sorts, so I put out an offer on Facebook, kind of like the 'Handmade Pay-it-Forward 2012' challenge, but since I had 4 sets and 2 decanters of just olive oil, I posted that the first 6 people to comment will get a set of the oregano oil and vodka decanters and in the spirit of paying-it-foward, I encouraged them to use them to make a special meal for someone who they don't normally cook for (doesn't have to be me ;).
 olive oil

vodka and olive oil sets

But I only got ONE taker! So I'm putting it up here too.....anyone want a free set or just the olive oil?
For those who wonder how you would use oregano infused vodka or olive oil, here are a few ideas:

Olive Oil                                              Vodka
Salad dressing recipes                         Add to broth
Bread dipping oil                                 Meat glaze
Add to mashed potatoes                      Any reduction sauce
Roast potatoes coating                         Add to salad dressing
Meat marinade                                     Meat marinade/brine
Baste meat on grill

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