Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Three things I love about being a Mennonite!

1. Being raised in a God fearing family and community, with Bible-based values and a heavy importance on family, as well as a heritage of saying "yes" to God and "no" to society.

2. Mennonites can cook! Lots of yummy food made with the simplest and fattiest ingredients :) Mmmmm. Here's just some of my favs.
rollkuchen                                       kielke                                           platz

    portzelky                                       shnetchi

 wareneki                                             zbieback

3. While not all Mennonites can sing well, the majority do love to sing, especially in group/family settings acapella style.  We sing our meal-time grace, we sing at gatherings, it's almost like camp-fire singing but no need for a camp fire or a guitar.

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