Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

So, I'm mostly back on track, depsite a little indulgence at some dessert-heavy gatherings, I haven't gained more weight, just working at losing what I did gain now though.  Having just released myself of some busyness at my CR Friday nights I just volunteered for a few temporary tasks that have been keeping my butt glued to a chair/couch so I can write them up on my computer. If only my treadmill had a built in computer!

I intend on writing up a list of all my health boosters I do/have done to work at being healthy not just skinny, and that often assist in losing weight when just low calories and activity alone don't work.  I have a friend who could use a little help with that info but I think I need to remind myself of the importance of these habits - since I'm not as dedicated to them as I once was.  I can't remember if I've ever posted them here but I think I will try to post them here next week anyway. We remember by repetition!

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