Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Right Now.......I did not

I did not get sick AGAIN last Thursday, right before I did not have a crazy busy, jam packed weekend, so I did not decide keep to my busy schedule right through to Sunday 11 pm anyway. Then I did not go to work sick on Monday, definitely not fighting through the whole day for Month End's sake. Then, I did not forget it was the first day of return to school traffic after Spring Break, and I did not forget to take 'auto-pilot' off so that I could drive home my newly mapped short way home, instead of every bumper-to-bumper street between work and home. After I did not spend 30 minutes longer in traffic than I should have, I did not get home and emotionally eat all the carbs left over from our potluck on Sunday for supper, on my "No Carb" meal plan day.  I did not then proceed to veg/sleep away the entire evening, because I did not forget now that I was home I had access to cold pills. And because I did not forget to take those cold pills I did not snore so bad I was banished to sleep on the couch where I did not wake up every few hours from one sort of unfamiliarity or another.
And so I did not drag myself to work yet a second day, not sick and not tired, where I did not proceed to close my eyes for a break from looking at endless accounting entries on my screen, where I most definitely DID NOT just wake myself up when I heard the loud bang of my forehead hitting the desk in front of me.
Go ahead and laugh at me...I did :)
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