Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's on the Table Tuesday

So, I wanted to start my 80 meals plan sooner but thought it best to use most of the meats I already had in my freezer first, which means this week is our first week on my plan.  Each week I thought I'd post the current week's meal plan on Tuesdays (link up to Titus Tuesday while I'm at it, accomplished homemaker that I am now, lol), as a record of my plan, and because I received a few requests for the menu and recipes I used. Here are this week's 5 meals, one of each meat type, with some additional notes to add to what I've already mentioned in my meat breakdown:

Monday - Seafood
Spicy Ginger Shrimp
Mmmmm, I love me some stir fry, the only thing that makes it better is shrimp! I'm going to be using green peppers instead of red, since that's what I have on hand, but a stir fry needs LOTS of veggies, so from a bag of mixed veggies I bought at Costco (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots & squash) I'm adding about 2 cups veggies as well.

Tuesday - Pork
Salsa Sausage & Potato Bake
I love this all in one dish, so easy and yummy! A nice change from the usual tomato-based meals I used to make. I have farmer's market baby red potatoes to use, my own homemade salsa, my own homemade roasted red peppers, and some frozen shredded cheese from the Costco trip.

Wednesday - Beef
Pepsi Pork Roast
I am using one of my substitutions, making this for the roast beef rather than pork roast. As my side dish for this roast I am also making Creamy Dill Potato Casserole and some carrot sticks on the side, fresh from my garden! I'll be using more of the farmer's market baby red potatoes for the casserole. The nice thing is I'll be saving leftovers from this roast for easy roast beef sandwiches for a meal in the future :)
Thursday - Chicken
Homemade Mac & Cheesy Broccoli Bake
I am adding chicken to this very easy casserole to make another one dish meal. Frozen broccoli already pre-portioned from Costco trip.

Friday - Turkey
Turkey Tacos
I'm simply exchanging ground turkey/pork for ground beef for this meal.  I have the remaining green peppers, some homemade roasted red peppers, homemade salsa, and frozen shredded cheese from the Costco trip, as toppings. One day I hope to get brave enough to make my own tortillas!

Well, that's this week's plan, I'm so looking forward to good eatins' this week, and the weeks to come!

Here is the host blog of Titus 2sdays, a great place for house-wifery and godly woman(wife)hood!

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Pamela said...

yum! good eating at your house!

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