Friday, August 26, 2011

I love....
I love Sean.
I love Sean for the steps of faith he took to delve deeper into Church once again.
I love that Sean opened himself to more relationships at Church and they've led to so much more.
I love that Sean really dug into applying what he's been learning from Sundays and other material he's read.
I love that these things have led Sean to dive into serving passionately and sacrificially and he still wants to do more!
I love that Sean is reaching out and letting more people in his life in ways he never has before.
I love that Sean is opening up about his weaknesses to others, and trying to learn to overcome them and be accountable to others for them.
I love that Sean is succeeding at overcoming some of his weaknesses.
I love that Sean is seeking God's will and even choosing situations he was against less than a year ago.
I love that Sean finds solace and encouragement from serving, even after a bad day at work, and he'd rather go than miss a night because of how good he feels after.
I love that Sean is beginning to see blessings in other areas of his life he had almost resigned to 'suffering through'.
I love the Sean I had.  I love the Sean I have. I will love the Sean God is moulding him into.
I love Sean for giving me another dimension of experiencing God's power, love, grace, truth, patience.
I love God for blessing me with a life I get to share with Sean.

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