Saturday, August 20, 2011

Books, Books, Everywhere a Book

Well, I started my year off with a bookshelf half full of books I was determined to read by year end.  I have not read a one. I keep getting gifted books (thank you!!), borrowed books (thx too!), and find myself wanting to re-read books! Ack!

These are my most recent reads, and hopefully my next reading post will include at least ONE book from my original list.

After No Perfect People allowed I was borrowed two books from my friend. The Purpose of Womanhood was a good read but it wasn't anything new to me, I'm already a pretty firm believer I'm equal but different, and that I am the one called to submit to my husband and he's the one called to lead us.

The second book was The Maker's Diet, and this one did really open my eyes to things I was already somewhat beginning to understand but tied it into God's original dietary instructions for the Jewish people.  I've always been of the opinion these were for spriritual cleanliness, but there are very valid connections to physical cleanliness.  It's not necessarily about organic, it's about food being the way it was before it was tampered with by human knowledge. And how God knew about the internal health qualities of some food long before we did, and had the Jews avoid food based on that wisdom. I haven't decided to follow the entire change in my diet, but I have definately changed my perspective on some certain foods and am now limiting them, and some foods I'm definitely trying to find alternatives for.  I am avoiding giving details because a) learning about some foods is not appetizing, and b) there were far too many details to summarize. But if you are already leaning towards AVOIDING; horomone-injected foods, meats fed on anything but grass, figuring out what 'healthy fats' really are, etc. then I would definitely recommend you read this book. Or if you have severe physical ailments that haven't been able to be treated successfully with modern day medicine, this may be an eye opener for you as well.  If I ever get that ill, I would certainly take on changing my whole diet to it's recommended plan.

Then I read Reshaping It All, by Candace Cameron Bure.  She was one of my fav stars as a kid on Full House, and I identified with her being that I was a bit larger than my skinny counterparts as well. To find out she is a Christian and struggled with her weight and kept it off without giving up any particular foods (not that she didn't give up anything to acheive it, just didn't follow an elimination diet), I was thrilled to find out she talked about it all in this book.  I've been wanting it for several months now and Sean got it for me for my birthday.  I have loved it, she has such great examples to tie into the princple point she's trying to get across in each chapter.  And the fact that she still loves to eat, that eating at restaurants is her 'treat' just as it is mine, it made each point hit home for me all the more.  I have been so much more aware of my eating habits since reading this book, I'm fairly sure it's one of the keys in my ability to start dropping weight I haven't been able to for a couple of years!

Anyway, now I have a fiction book to read finally :) It's not even the latest Ted Dekker book anymore, but I have to read it before the latest does release on Sept. 13th!  I can't wait to dive back into his world.  Then I'll have that book shelf of non-fiction calling out to me again.  Good thing I'm down-sizing our cable package :)

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