Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wellness Wednesday

So, I'm finally losing weight again! Despite celebrating my birthday for almost 2 weeks straight :)

I am down to a weight I haven't been since probably 2009. After hitting my top weight loss (at one time) of 29 lbs September 2008, it slowly crept back on during some hard times over the next 2 years and by last fall I had gained back 8-12 lbs, fluxuatingly. Now, I'm back to only having 5-6 lbs over my original loss! I know it's only a difference of 2-3 lbs but they have evaded shedding for almost 2 years! I of course originally had wanted to lose another 13 after those 29, so I still have about 19 lbs more to go over all, but I'm finally moving there significantly!

I changed a lot in my habits recently so for posterity (I want to remember what I'm doing right!) here are most of the contributing factors:

~ I've been reading a few books on diet (not eating fads, habitual food guides) and health, which have given me new information on what I am putting in my body, and what I'm not giving my body that it needs. some of the below changes are because of that, some have yet to be implemented.

~ stuck strictly to my calorie allowance during the weekdays, even when I ate 'out', and no extra food when I exercised (my calorie counter app automatically calculates an increase in my calorie allowance based on exercise, and I tended to then allow myself to eat those calories).

~ on weekends I did allow myself to eat the calories that I had earned back through exercise, but not over that. previously I would indulge quite a bit over my allowance on weekends.

~ started being more regimented in taking my vitamins and added more; stronger dose of Vitamin C and Omega 3s, and added Cod Liver Oil pills too.

~ started adding 5 min. here and there of weights and yoga, managed about 4 times per week.

~ started walking more vigorously when I'm walking the dog, when he dawdles I tended to dawdle too, but now even when he is slow I try to move on the spot instead of just standing still.

~ having less snacks after supper. I had typically would have some snack every night, now it's been every other night and mostly fruit, but whatever I choose I have much smaller snack portions as well now.

~ pre-calculating and preparing weekday breakfasts and lunches I bring to work; pre-planned means meeting my calorie allowance, and I plan out a variety of foods so that even though I eat the same thing everyday it's 7 different foods, as well as balance of fruits/veggies, fiber, protein & healthy fats. I have a small protein shake I make myself, a mini chocolate raspberry muffin, a small banana with a teaspoon of nutella, 6 baked pita crackers topped with a little cottage cheese and tomato slice each, a baked egg (over-medium in a muffin tin in the oven, no extra fat), another fruit, and a handful of unsalted nut mix.  all that is only 635 calories.

~ I spread my work meals throughout the day, to help my stomach get used to portion control and it also is supposed to increase metabolism eating more smaller meals.

~ increase my water intake which had dwindled down to maybe 2-3 cups per day from 6-8 cups I used to drink. now I've been back up to over 6 cups per day for the last 2 weeks. I keep neglecting how important water is to metabolism, and fat & toxin flushing.

~ going through the 12 step recovery program we'll be launching at Church in the fall (the leaders need to go through lessons before we can lead them :) and answering questions about the out-of-control areas in my life have led to some hard answers I've had to give about why I eat when I don't need to.

~ talking to a friend about eating habits and hangups I have, and the obstacles to having a healthy, active lifestyle, trying to make myself accountable to her.....and being there for her the same way.  I need that additional voice to encourage me to make the healthier choice sometimes.

Last time I had a go at losing weight, I had so many motivators to help me lose weight; my hip, my fertility, my sleep deprivation/snoring, and just being able to keep up with the children in my life. Now that most of those are not an issue or not weight related issues, I had lost most of my motivation (because of course there is always appearance & self esteem). But as I begin to realize why I don't habitually choose the healthiest lifestyle that fits me I now know that being physically healthy is also part of being healthy mentally and spiritually as well.  AND I don't have to deprive myself, just discipline myself.

I think I've finally made lifelong changes and I hope to keep building on them.

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