Friday, April 1, 2011

Liberally Conservative

So have any of you heard about this voting compass that helps you figure out which party leans the way you do on different issues?

Well, just for kicks I decided to fill out the questionairre, even though I know I'm Conservative through and through.  Kind of like, for kicks,  I want to complete a profile on eHarmony for myself and Sean and see if we get matched up, lol. You know, to get a laugh when they are wrong, or confirmed when they are right.

Anyway, I was pretty shocked when this was my actual outcome!

I definitely agreed with 'furthest from', but I was more Liberal than Conservative? They show you your answers compared to the party's answers and upon examination of my answers compared to Liberal and Conservative answers, I had more answers the same, or closer to the same, as the Liberals than I did the Conservatives.

I really reflected on those answers and figured, I must have been biased this whole time because of my dad's political affiliations. 

So, now, I've decided to vote Liberal, after all their agenda is more in line with mine!

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Pamela said...

I got liberal too. Maybe it's fixed, lol!

I may have had more answers that aligned with the liberal platform, however, when I took a close look at where the answers differed I am surprised that it would come out that I was closest to Liberal. For example:

Q:All Canadian troops should be pulled out of Afghanistan immediately

My answer: somewhat agree
Their answer: Strongly disagree

Q:The government should fund daycare instead of giving money directly to parents

My answer: strongly disagree
Their answer: neither agree nor disagree

Q:Violent young offenders should be sentenced as adults

My answer: Strongly agree
Theirs: Somewhat disagree

Q:The government should make it easier for a woman to get an abortion

My answer: strongly disagree
Their answer: somewhat agree

Q:Marriage should only be between a man and a woman

My answer: Strongly agree
Their answer: Strongly disagree

I don't know. Those are important issues for me and to be drastically different on those might make the similar answers less important on the whole. Does that make sense?? Maybe they also should have had a rate the value of each question to give an accurate view of what you consider key issues. Government spending and taxation is less of a concern to me than abortion and same sex marriages.

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