Friday, April 22, 2011

Fill-in Friday - A Good Good Friday

Here is my Good Friday Fill-in Friday edition.

Pardon me, my eyes are still puffy and red from the video montage of The Passion this morning.

Something that inspires me is how much God loves me.

For my holiday Friday off I (would) went to our Church service, blogged, showed a friend some appreciation (thanks in part to K.Barteski), spent GF dinner with my family, enjoying their company, good food, and the chocolate-children frenzy, being thankful for the freedoms I have to do so. 

I'd like to go to Israel so I could better appreciate and understand the life of Jesus.

Beautiful flower bunches from Sobeys = good deal.

I copied a variety of Fill-ins from various "Friday Fill-ins" prompts, as I usually only like a few of the questions per week, but here is where to find some Friday Fill-ins for yourself.

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