Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion Friday

not feeling so great about my gut in these pics....but none the less, can't always look perfect :)

One of my new zip up sweaters I love! Happened to have a short sleeve shirt I love that matched, now I can layer all matchy matchy :)

Some new necklaces spiced up the black top, pretty  much the only kind I can wear with these pants that have pink pinstripes you can't really see, but I love these pants so had to find a way to make it not so boring.

This pic I took at home, full length mirror, should probably take all these pics here, lol. New steel blue shirt from Jacob and rolled up my cargo's for our first warm day this year, and my grey hat I love to wear with my grey cargos.

I love this shirt, just not on a 'bloated' day, as the fabric shows everything underneath it too. These are new grey pinstripe pants I got $15 at Tigre Giant ;)

One of my fav skirts, a grey linen knee length skirt, and my fitted knit emerald green sweater.

Also paired with my new grey pants, this cool shirt I also got from GT, thought I'd try something out of my normal comfort zone and WOWZER! I like it! Hides everything well, and accentuates the curves too!

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Pamela said...

I really love the last one! It does look smashing on you. You have so many great clothes! I need to do an update on my wardrobe I think because I have 4 pairs of dress pants and a handful of shirts that rotate through. I can't wait to go to the States to shop!

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