Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's On YOU! - Laugh of the Day

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!  The laugh of the day is what I imagine your faces looked like reading my last post about becoming a Liberal!

Well, I would have laughed harder if more people had actually fell for it.
I can't believe no one dared to critisize me, even though you all could have attacked the uninformed guidance I 'took to heart', without attacking my actual beliefs, I guess politics is just one of those taboo subjects?

Oh well, worth a shot.
Oh, and just to clarify:
I do realize the party's answers could come from anything/anywhere, they even admitted on CBC news that they didn't get a lot of party participation in creating the compass.

I do realize that the initial outcome of the compass isn't weighted based on the issues that are important to me, all issues are waited the same.  Once I went and marked which were important/non-important it significantly moved me closer to Conservative.  But it also wouldn't let me scale the importance, Economy is very important to me but Morals were mosre important to me.

I do realize that I have some apathy on some issues and so marking 'neither agree or disagree' made me closer to the Liberal answers which were often a 'sometimes' vs. the Conservatives 'always'.

So, no, I am most definitely not voting, please don't let dad call me to give me heck!


Pamela said...

ha! I just took the test and got liberal too and was surprised! I was surprised at my result and thought I'd share my comments...not realizing this was a joke!
Did you really get liberal??

Tami Friesen said...

Lol! You fooled me. Although I was thinking of commenting but figured it maybe was a bit taboo. I don't think that test is a very good judge for which party you should vote for. I took the quiz too and ended up Conservative which is right but some of my answers were different from theirs too, mostly because, like you said, neither agreeing or disagreeing made me closer to someone else. I agree that we have to weigh which things are most important to us and align with the party that values those things as well.

Lori Klassen said...

You fooled me too! I admit there were a few things I thought were weird. (ie; she votes conservative just because her dad does? I know she loves her dad but I'm sure she's a more critical thinker than that) I took the test too - before you blogged about it - and concurred that, like any test, it's a useful tool. It helped me to evaluate my opinions and what's important to me. You can bet that I will be listening for the candidates opinions and making my choice based on a variety of factors.
However, I will be very surprised if I vote Conservative. :)

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