Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brad Pitt's Ego - Truthful Thursday

So I stumbled across this blog post the other day and of course the name 'Brad Pitt' drew me like a moth to a flame. Although, his attractiveness has diminished as the not-so-attractive interior shines brighter than those sparkling, magnificent eyes of his, I couldn't help but hope a little when I saw his name linked to a blog called 'Desiring God'.

Of course, I was to be disappointed.  Brad Pitt claims to have lost his faith in God because God obviously has an ego problem.


First I have to ask him, do you ask/teach your children, biological or adopted, to address you with some parental designation? Should you have no claim to any recognition for bringing them into your family and providing for them? Isn't that simple truth, not ego? Second, if your child decides they don't subscribe to that truth, they reject you as their parent, severing the relationship completely and losing all contact with you, would they not then be cut off from all aspects (especially beneficial) of your relationship?

Or, lets take the opposite argument, just because your children praise you as their daddy, are you a genie who grants all their wishes just because they 'rubbed' you the right way? Not even taking into account the possibility the lack of honesty in those words, all they have to do is profess the magic 'your the best' and happiness is theirs?

It seems very elementary that we don't come to these same conclusions, that Brad did, in our human family units, why would we come to any other conclusions just because God has the omnipotence to essentially be the equivelant of a genie?

It also seems pretty ridiculous to me that God's 'God-ness' is the problem. How are you God if you are NOT the best, if you are not the supreme (highest authority, highest character/quality, ultimate) being? Why would anyone want to follow a God who is anything less than the best? AND, claiming to be the best isn't ego when you are perfectly and exclusively capable. And what kind of ego not only steps off it's thrown, denies all rights of deity, and allows himself to die like a criminal? Hey Brad, guess what, I too cannot see God operating out of ego, but since I know there is a God (from other, far more intellectual, arguments than this), he is not the one I stop believing in, it's the existence of his ego I eliminate the possibilty of.

There IS an ego in this relationship but it is mine....and Brad Pitt's. There is someone who whispers into our fallen nature, telling us we shouldn't need to have to humble ourselves to God just to get the 'good life' we deserve. And of course, WE determine what we deserve, because actually, it's we who know best.  And if God is such a loving God, and loves us personally, he should just give us what we 'deserve' without expecting love back.

Ya. Try that one on your spouse tonight.
'Hey Angelina, I chose you, not because you are the best, I won't even acknowledge I love you, if you want that you are just being conceited and I don't think that's very loving of you. Now give me sex.'

Again, if it seems ridiculous in human terms why would God want a relationship even humans reject? But, even being on the receiving end of that rejection, God is a loving God, and he does love you personally, and he does it without expecting love back.  But he sure does hope one day you will.

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LaughingLady said...

I suspect ol' Brad maybe hasn't thought of it that way! Maybe you should write him a letter... You know, give him a break from all the boring, regular fan mail!! ;)

Great thoughts, parallels, and applications as always, Lori.

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