Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wellness Wednesday

So, my last weight situation examination I had come to the conclusion that I need to work harder.  And I have been. 


Not hard.

I have restrained my eating a lot more, but not so much I feel like I won't be able to maintain those healthy eating patterns. 

I haven't really exercised as much, just yoga, not even weights, but more treadmill...a little more.

No change in weight (well, not that I count, as it fluctuates the same 3 lbs back and forth).

In some ways I feel better about my weight just because I'm not being a glutton sloth anymore.  I know I could value my health a little more than 3 donuts in 2 days (even though it was within my tighter calorie allowance).

So, I'm still feeling I should work harder, but maybe not as hardcore as I was feeling I needed to be a few weeks ago.  Despite the lack of change on the scale, I am happier with my attitude towards my weight and weight related habits now, and I wasn't then.

And besides, it's Spring! And the ice and snow is almost gone from the sidewalks (yes it's almost April and we still have to contend with snow and ice!).  And that means YAY! more walks outside!

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