Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why Me?

Why was I...

born in a part of world that favors the colour of my skin and the doctrine of my faith?

born into a society that doesn't diminish my rights based on my sex or wealth?

born in a land where clean water and huge varieties of food are in abundance, excess even?

born in a country founded on freedoms and choices, not oppression?

born in a community of prosperity and systems ensuring the welfare of the poor?
born into affluence where physical health is priority vs perilous?

born into a family free of the cycle of abuse and/or addiction?
born to a father and a mother who as husband and wife planned to have me and love me?
born into a definition of justice that is; pathetic, apathetic, self-serving, destructive, situational, unequal, inadequate.

"do justice, love mercy."

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