Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top Ten Thursdays - 10 things you want to renovate/change in your home

 Since I have a list of big and small things I want to do in my home, here is a list of each :)

Small Changes (couple hundred $ or less):
1. Re-frame the windows, not only are they old and disintegrating, we've got white breasted nuthatches trying to making hatches for their nuts!
2. Touch up all the small chipping paint bits in the living/dining/kitchen areas.
3. Finish the decor for my upstairs bathroom, just waiting for one frame to be finished, then for Sean to hang them all.

4. Hang the two collage frames I received for Christmas, all the pictures are in, just need my handy man to hang it.
5. Remove the bush in the back corner of our garden, it's attracting weird, flat, red bugs (not to be confused with pretty ladybugs) that eat all the foliage. Plus, I want that pit of dirt for composting :)
6. Plug up the garden and try growing my garden in several large pots this year instead, in preparation for the patio in my next list :)
7. Add a word art vinyl to one of my walls, just not entirely sure of the words or the wall yet, haha.

8. Manoeuvre a downspout to avoid my lilac tree (the one I just discovered I had last year, until then was going to yank it!) and direct it into a rain barrel, over the old garden.
9. Get a standup freezer rather than a chest freezer, all the stuff buried on the bottom get's forgotten and I hate reaching way down into the depths of the coldness.
10. Move my craft space upstairs from the basement, so that I'm not feeling so far away from everything going on in the busy part of the house, and can get more crafting done without bringing a quarter of my craft room upstairs/per project. Kinda dependent on a big project though, also on my next list.

Big Changes (several hundred $ or more):
1. Replace our dishwasher that just went kaputz.
2. A new, big, flat screen t.v.  Been wanting something bigger than a 26" for several years now, but will also need a new t.v. stand to go with since our current one is modular and each open space is 26" or smaller.

3. Put down a complete brick patio over half our yard, the brick would replace our current trecherous sidewalk, the make-shift back porch, house a BBQ pit, and maybe even become a half-fence. I want to surround it with some solar patio lanterns, oooh pretty. Then my potted garden can be positioned anywhere on the patio :) Got the idea from Buccacino's and Fude in Osborne Village.

4. Replace my kitchen cabinets with roll-out drawers, what a much better use for the space! Had them at our old house, especially for such deep cupboards, much more efficient for stacking and retrieving.
5. Put in a fancy double sink with accessories like filtered water on tap, hot water faucet, a straining insert, and all that fun.
6. Replace kitchen counter tops to a much more pretty and suitable material, I'm thinking a brown stone of sorts. Right now it's a cheap, dark grey top that every scratch and piece of dust is visible on.
7. Creating a new storage space in the room my craft room occupies currently, replacing the old storage room downstairs to make room for another big change.
8. Renovating to move the laundry room into the current downstairs bathroom area, to accomodate the next big change.
9. Move master bedroom downstairs, renovating to create a wall between the exercise area and den area and forming a huge master bedroom, a large walk-in closet in the current storage area, and a master ensuite bathroom in the current laundry room. Finally, room for a tub I can fit in!!

10. A new, heated, over-sized double garage, but only because we want to build an apartment above it to rent out.  Have a BIL who really needs a safer yet afforadable place to live and would love to help him out in this way, but also renting out an apartment has also been one of those things on my 'dreamer' list.

What things do you dream about changing in your home?

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