Monday, March 14, 2011

Mundane Monday

Not a lot to share but here's just some random nothingness from the life of Lori.

~ it hasn't been nearly as difficult getting used to framed glasses again as I thought it would be.

~ gave up Facebook for lent this year, and instead of just sacrificing I am also adding something to enhance my spiritual walk, I'm continuing a 30 day challenge our church just had - the commitment to intentional prayer at least 10 min. per day 5 out of 7 days in addition to my normal chats with God and calls for help throughout the day. so I'll only see you there on Sundays (although I can see email notifications so I may answer back in email....and I didn't give up blogging in case you hadn't figured that one out yet ;)

~ my cousin's house was recently used to film a horror movie in B.C.....can't wait to find out the title cuz' I've gotta watch that!

~ another cuz (above cuz' brother)  is being interviewed on Dragon's Den.....we'll see if he actually gets on t.v. but his product is Beer Gut Body Wear.....some pretty funny shirts.

~started online prayer journalling with website, it's pretty cool and has helped me with my prayer challenge, especially with my internet addiction. I'm finally using that addiction against/for (??) myself (online prayer, online Bible, Bible study blog) to enhance my spiritual walk, haha!

~ new dish at Olive Garden - pear gorgonzola ravioli with shrimp....amazing! and it may cause funny sleep talking episodes as hubby mumbled and then clearly said 'gorgonzola!' and then back to mumbling, then sleeping silence.

~ I think something happened to the earth's gravity in the last day or so, I decided to try harder at weight loss this week, ate 1800 calories less than last week (and 1000 less than most of the weeks before), exercised 1 hr more, some of that even back on the treadmill (after a 3 week hiatus)! and what does the scale reward me with?!?! 4 lbs gained, what?!?

~ new message at Church started this Sunday about justice, tying into our care point in Swaziland....I'm actually excited about a beans and rice fast in a few weeks (fast is encouraged as part of the message series) and I think I'm also going to fast from all technology they don't have in Swaziland as well.

and on that note

~ I'm hating living without a dishwasher (I know, boo hoo me)

~ I'm loving my hubby, just cuz

~ I find it baffling that I had 24 blog visitors from Latvia in the last month!?! not to mention quite a few from Russia, China, Australia, Ukraine, and several more from Brazil, India and Poland. I'm perplexed and honoured :)

~ I REALLY miss the kidlings so I'm travellin' to Steinbach tonight to see them, glad the skies are clear because I'm going no matter what!

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