Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wonderfully Made

I've always been the kind of person who has wanted to do random acts of kindess, but haven't been that good at thinking them up....maybe it would be easier if I had more disposable money to play with in that respect.
So, since all things RAoK trip my radar I found this site, which was really neat, and that led me to look up other similar sites which led me here and here.  I LOVE this kind of RAoK!!! It's a message so many girls/women need to hear and BELIEVE!!  It costs you practically nothing to do this kind of RAoK and I think it can make a big impact.
For instance, I believe someone in my Church must be intune with this same campaign as I found this in the middle bathroom stall in our Church last September. 

Guess what? Ever since then, everytime I have gone back I purposely try to get in that stall..... so I can smile. Really, it makes my day to see it!  Unfortunately, the message is now cleaned off the stall wall, and it makes me a little sad. I almost feel like writing it back up there *sneaky grin*

But, ever since then I've wanted to spread the message and spread the smiles! This week I defaced some areas of Wal-mart that I thought could use a more positive message. I went armed with these sticky notes:

Here are some sticky notes in action:
On the romance novels where nothing is realistic.
On the body of  airbrushed models in the magazines.
In the make-up aisle where they encourage flawlessness.

I have several more sticky notes I've left in my purse so I can randomly attack more 'beauty' propaganda when ever the opportunity arises. I hope I bring about at least as many smiles as I got doing this :)

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Lori Klassen said...

Wow! What a great RAoK! I would love to find one in Walmart...or anywhere. I leave coupons for the corresponding product in Walmart. Not nearly as cook as your idea!

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