Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sean is not one who is easy to buy gifts for, he has mostly simple tastes and then usually buys those items as soon as he can, not leaving any opportunity to give them to him as a gift.  If I had the money, here's a few items I would get him that I know he would consider a ro-MAN-tic gift for valentine's day :)

 Since Sean, the homebody, would rather stay in than go out for a fancy dinner, and since I can't cook steak worth anything, we very rarely have steak. This Steak Toaster claims to grill the way professionals do, away from it's fat, and it would cook his steak exactly the way he likes no matter the thickness, without having to going outside to the BBQ, never mind out to a restaurant.
Again, since Sean prefers staying in we don't go out to play pool as often as we used to, one of his favorite past times.  He's always wanted a pool table in our home, but where is the room?!? Hiding a pool table under a nice dinner table would be the perfect solution.  Now if I could add pull out drawers for my crafty stuff (as my dining room table is where I end up doing most of my crafts) then we'd both win!

Now, if I really wanted to blow his socks off (and had the money, of course) I would surprise Sean with this baby, a new cherry red Camaro...oooh, pretties!

Wouldn't I win wife of the year then!

Unfortunately, I have to settle for something quite a bit smaller and cheaper, my plan is to ro-MAN-ce Sean with this PS3 game he's been drooling over.  Provided he doesn't lose patience and buy it himself, he's wanted it since Christmas!

That should at least get me a nomination :)


Pamela said...

Does Sean read your blog?? He may not be as surprised as you think ;)

Great gift ideas! Who would drive that car more??? ;)

~ L ~ said...

I gave it to him on Saturday :) AND, he doesn't read my blog, lol.

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