Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Five - Connections

This week's Friday Five question theme is connections, romantic connections aren't the only relationships that have to be celebrated on Valentine's Day....I got Valentine's from my co-worker and my mom too! :) And since this particular questionnaire is regarding online connections (that would mean YOU gang!), a happy belated Valentine's to all of my bloggy friends! Hope you remember I appreciate you!!

1.Nowadays, just about everyone knows a couple who first met online. Among couples you know, who has the best story? I only know 2 couples who met online, one the guy moved all the way from England to marry her, and I think it's been about 12 years now, and they are still going strong.  12 years ago that was a fairly new thing and for them to still be married is cool.  The other couple I know just got married in fall, they are so perfect for each other but I also know they were very upfront and honest with each other from the get-go.

2.Who among your real-life acquaintances might you never have been friends with if you hadn’t gotten to know each other online first? Well, I guess 'real-life' would entail seeing these people in person, which would mean none of my bloggy friends, that I didn't know in person before, have become "real-life" friends. Although, they sure FEEL like REAL friends!

3.Of people you know online only, who would you most like to meet in real life?  Hmmm, that's a hard one. How about Shannon, I'd love to go to Nashville again, and maybe there will be another Dekker gathering that we can go to together :) :)

4.In the past 365 days, what’s the longest you’ve gone without connecting in any way to the Internet, including email? ZERO.  Even when out in the boonies of northern Saskatchewan, and even on my hiatus in the fall, I checked FB, email, and other people's blogs every day! Wow! I need another media fast!!

5.Who is the least-connected person you know in real life? Some of my aunts and uncles, I think that most of them at least have email but ony one aunt is on Facebook and I think she still reads my blog (Hey Aunty Mary!), but the rest of them are very much 'unplugged'.

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Shanon said...

I would love to meet you too Lori! It would be so great if The Gathering was in Nashville again. How great it would be to be in a room full of Dekkies who get it. :0)

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