Sunday, February 6, 2011

Highlight Reel

Here are some highlights of the week:

My surprise reimbursement that came in the mail on Monday, from a membership to a website that no longer required paid memberships (after I'd just paid for it).

This will help nicely with my Stampin' Up! order I'm making for my next workshop soon.

Yummy supper I invented on Tuesday. Ok, there may already be a recipe just like this in existence, but I didn't know about it when I made this ;)

The yoga app I found and started using Wednesday, so it's like watching a video and I can do yoga down in the basement (where there is no t.v.) and not disturb Sean while he still sleeps at 6 am :)

I managed a workout every week day, a goal I had for myself this week.

I worked on creating more seashell frames for my bathroom, in front of my must-see-t.v.-all-evening-Thursday, this one is halfway done.

Can you believe we hit PLUS SIX on Friday!! After -20 the day before and -40 the day before that!

Caught up on a lot on Saturday, including making my healthy, raspberry chocolate muffins, 3 weeks of breakfasts worth.

The very clean counter underneath my muffins (the streaks are wet streaks from last minute wipe down for pic :) was another part of my busy Saturday, finishing the last of my daily Fly Lady tactics, I did all of them this week except my pantry clean-up, waiting for some new Tupperware for that job :)

Also made two cards just like this on Saturday, one for Jodi's birthday and one for the Valentine's day anniversary of my in-laws.

Today I got to see my first sun dog in person (believe it or not) on the way to Steinbach! At first I thought I was looking at an upside down rainbow, lol! It was GIGANTIC!!!!! It literally took up a quarter of the sky, and see how far the ring is away from the sun, usually I've seen pictures of the ring so much closer, and the rainbow ring went the whole way around the sun, which I've also never seen in a pic, usually just see it as 'brackets'. It was so big it was really hard to take a picture of the whole thing, especially looking into the sun to take the pic.

The birthday girl, my lil' sis Jodi turned 30, the reason we were in Steinbach today. This is her with her fav nephew :)

Lil' T's first time trying ice cream (cake, a staple at every birthday party of Jodi's). He made this horrible face every time but it's just the brain freeze because he sure loved it and opened WIDE as soon as he saw the spoon leaving the dish, lol.

What a great week!

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