Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And the nominees are.....

I know it's only the second week of February but I am nominating my Sean for

Evidence of deservitude:
1. An apology. For being extra grumpy one morning.
 - It's an unwritten rule that before Sean has had coffee, he can not be held responsible for the grumpiness factor.
 - It's an unwritten rule that if Sean didn't do something hurtful with intention/purpose, an apology isn't warranted.
Double score.

2. He selected for his date month (we alternate months planning a date) he let me pick everything and gave me a break from cooking :)
- We typically pick the kind of dates we prefer, especially the kind the other one would typically not agree to.
- He's never acknowledged my need to have a break from cooking, and then given it to me.

3. Has been practicing one of my love languages more frequently.
- 'Nuf said ;)

4. During a conversation about my fluxtuating hope, and expecting miracles, Sean said with confidence, He WILL give you a baby.
- 'Nuf said ;)

5. Today the dishwasher finally konked out, not only did I have a counter full of dirty dishes (waiting for me to empty the 'clean' dishes) and then a dishwasher full of those 'clean' dishes that needed re-washing.  I just hate manually washing dishes, but it's my chore and the pile wasn't getting any smaller.  I made one little comment lamenting manual dishwashing and Sean immediately got up from the couch and started washing the dishes.
 - My chores are my chores, his chores are his chores. Usually don't get help unless it is asked for.
 - If I do request help, he usually bargain's it with help he wants.

I love my husband for many, many reasons, and lately I love him for many, many more!

Just for posterity, these are too good not to record in the annals of history:
6. Sean not only made his own supper on the weekend, but he made mine too! (cooking, another 'my chore', and even if it's dinner from a can or just a sandwich, he asks me to make his too).  I didn't even have to ask, he said he was making something, asked if I wanted some, I said I was going to make myself some nutella sandwiches and he brought them to me a few minutes later.  Awwww.
7. Sean, the anti-valentine, surprises me with some hershey's kisses. I haven't received a valentine since our first Feb.14th together 9 years ago, which was also somewhat technically a 1 year anniversary. So including the first one that started our whole relationship, that makes 3 whole valentines! (don't worry, once we got married Mar.1st 8 years ago, I agreed to celebrate only our anniversary, no v-day, he's not been in the dog house every Feb. 14th for 8 years ;)
8. Sean apologized, again!!!, for a frustrating conversation and even admitted he was wrong about something!

I really don't want this post to make Sean look inconsiderate because of the rarity of these small considerations...he is a wonderful husband for countless reasons, the list I made (from the Love Dare book) of 'appreciation' is twice as long as the list of 'unappreciation' for Sean....but some of the items on the latter are things I've listed here in this post that he has surprised me with lately.  I am so grateful for the husband I have, but I am just EXTRA grateful for the husband I've had lately ;)

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