Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign (Wellness Wednesday)

Conversation with hubby, regarding shoulder issues at work: Sean - do shoulder presses a few minutes every morning before work to build up strength and prevent, Me - nah, need my sleep, but I'll get back to shoulder presses in my workouts.

Conversation with co-worker, regarding not enough time in day for exercise: Co-worker - wake up a little earlier, go to sleep a little sooner, Me - nah, I find it next to impossible to shut my brain off before 10 pm, night owl runs in our family, just can't.

Regular blog I read #2, regarding getting in time with God: Blog post summary - takes time first thing in the morning, after walking kids to bus, to take a walk and talk with God amongst his beautiful creation, Me - I'm envious of the ability to have morning time, and plenty of nature, to meet God in.

Regular blog I read #12, regarding her Godly husband: Blog post summary - he wakes up an hour earlier than needed every day (5 am) just to spend that time with God. Me - I wish I could do with less sleep and do the same.

Conversation with God, regarding the hints he's been giving me that I should wake up an hour early to devote time to my relationship with him and exercise (activities I have tied together often, and have been finding it 'hard' to make priorities in my schedule): Me - but if I can't fall asleep earlier I'm losing out on sleep that is important to health and weight maintenance, God - (through the words of a former pastor years ago, specifically related to losing sleep for the sake of time with God) "when we sacrifice something in life to honor God, he will sustain you," Me - ok, ok. I'm still just stubborn enough to please ask that you give me a significant sign you really want me to do this.

God wakes me up at 4:45 am, nothing made any noise, but I bolted upright and awake, expecting the alarm to go off any second, or have gone off already. Hmmmm.  Pretty clear sign, thank you.

So, guess what I've been doing since Monday? Waking up an hour early, getting in 25 minutes of exercise and then 25 minutes of Bible reading, and talking with God throughout. Boy does it feel good!!

Really too early for intended results like weightloss and profound insights, but just the fact I handed over control of that part of my life has already significantly improved my wellness.  The health of my relationship with God.  It was such a small thing, I don't know why I held on to something so insignificant so tightly, at the risk I disobeyed God yet. But now, this same small thing is a small step of obedience and it has had this tremendous effect on my attitude. I feel like the daughter of a proud parent.  And I want to continue making him proud, because this feel sooo good. Being obedient feels better than being wise AND skinny :) Of course, they aren't too shabby as perks.


LaughingLady said...

I love it when God works that way! And your response is so beautiful ~ that soft, maleable heart that's willing to listen and step out in faith.

There will be times when it doesn't feel quite as rewarding, but remembering how God led you and the encouragement and refreshment from the Holy Spirit you're feeling now will help your desire for perseverance.

Pamela said...

Wow, that is early but what a great way to start your day.

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