Monday, April 22, 2013


I have a little writer's block. I've been wanting to write all the swirling thoughts I have in my mind about beauty but can't seem to get anything coherent down. When that happens it's usually God's way of telling me to come back to it some other time, that it's still a work in progress that needs a little more light shone on it. I'm ok with that, I much prefer to write when it's God's laying it on my heart with clarity and urgency, it's not just about 'posting' then, and I learn as I write when He leads.

In the mean time, as I've been pondering, I've had no posts other than ODP for the last while :(

That will hopefully change this week as I am travelling for work and evenings can get kind of boring. I have 2 goals I'd like to accomplish with that 'free' time I wouldn't otherwise have during the week.
1. Blog more.
2. Create my own kind of 'retreat' as I am missing the woman's retreat this year because of this travel. I think my theme will be....drum! Well, self-image and continuing to work on my recovery steps for food addiction specifically, but I'm thinking God's going to be revealing to me some lies I've been believing about myself.

Regardless, I don't think I'll be stalled out for long. There are a few truths God's been germinating in me that I hope to flush out in some posts soon.

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