Sunday, April 21, 2013

ODP Week Three

I am thoroughly thrilled and inspired by how freeing this has been!

Just a few months ago I confessed to my small group how I hate looking in the mirror, how I like everything in my closet until it's on me and then I hate them all. It opened the eyes of the guys in our group as to why some women 'can't find anything to wear' from a plethora of clothes in the closet. I have lots to wear but just about nothing that made me feel good.  No amount of new clothes 'fixed' it.

Now, just a couple weeks later and I am feeling....there really is no better word than FREE! You'd think (cuz I did) that you have to be more intentional and creative and put more effort in this project to make one dress look good for a whole month. But. Other than a bit of researching Pinterest inspiration, I have spent WAY less time humming and hawing in front of my closet. Insecurely indecisive. Taking away the freedom of choice has given me all the freedom in the world. And it doesn't hurt that I haven't had to fight with a muffin top inducing or too big, ill-fitting waist line in 21 days ;)  Some how that's made me much more forgiving of my belly bulge.

And, I have dared to try new looks I had always wanted to try but never had because I cared too much what people thought of how I would look in that style. But, heck, I'm wearing one dress for 30 days! If that isn't an 'I don't care' attitude to take advantage of, what is? All with a dress I picked last minute. The other dress I had already didn't work like I thought it would and so with the few ideas I had I picked the closest dress I had to that and just did it. After all, I had decided it was counter productive to buy a dress for this. And it just worked!

So thanks for tuning in and I'm so happy the inspiration is spreading :) For all the details on each piece, don't forget to check out my FB album.

Day 1 - Monday

Day 2 - Tuesday

Day 3 - Wednesday

Day 4 - Thursday

Day 5 - Friday

Day 6 - Saturday

Day 7 - Sunday

1 comment:

TammyIsBlessed said...

Love watching your ODP updates! I think you're getting better and better at this :)

Do you think you'll do it again sometime?

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