Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top Ten Thursday - Things I've got done on/in my house

Here is the original list of items I wanted to get done on/in my home and I'm done just about every one of the 'small' things!

1. Hang the two collage frames (check)

2. Finish my upstairs bathroom (check)

3. Remove the bush in the back corner of our garden (check)

4. Try container gardening (check)

5. Replace our dishwasher (check)

6. Re-frame the windows (check, thanks to my BIL John)

7. Detectors.
This wasn't on my list but we upgraded the smoke detector (it can detect two kinds of heat and smoke!) and a carbon-monoxide detector, which is becoming a home requirement in these parts lately, due to some CM poisonings.

8. My indoor herb planter, courtesy Tupperware. (on a different list, but still check)

9. Remove puppy stains from the carpet. 
Ok, doesn't really count, but I was one shy of 10, lol.

10. Get a standup freezer rather than a chest freezer (check)

I am so excited about this freezer! Now that I've organized ALL my recipes by meat, I hope after my next Costco trip it will look something like this!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Then I can rotate better through my recipes :) AND, I found this awesome & easy way to make it more organized, a dry-erase inventory list ON the freezer!! YAY!
(yes, I realize how dorky being this excited over a super-organized freezer makes me sound)
Source: via Kim on Pinterest

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