Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pizza Salad - Titus Tuesday

Well, food continues to be the theme of my Titus Tuesday posts...although I do have another spouse related post rattling around my brain, food posts are just too much easier these days.

I found a salad that just screamed 'TRY ME' while searching for picnic salad ideas for our Father's day picnic in the park and it was a hit, and SO easy, so I thought I'd share :) It's Pizza Salad! The recipe I found was actually this, but here is my version since mom can't handle pepperoni, and because you can buy tomato oregano dressing, and I thought shredded cheese would mix better (there is actually a pizza shredded blend :)


By the way, here is a great place/blog to check out more homemaking and house-wifery!

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