Friday, June 24, 2011

Fashion Friday

Now that the weather has been warmer I have almost a whole new wardrobe to document! :)

This is my sundress I've been dying to wear for a few months! I love this gray brown flowery pattern, it goes well with so many accessories, turquoise and pink for starters :) I have short pink and white cardies I wear over it when it's a little chilly or at work.  
Here's my cute lil' Old Navy skirt, which this pink shirt looks MUCH better with, and I'm feeling so grade 8 in these capri tights :)

These are my new fav shorts, can you tell I'm diggin' plaid right now ;) And I love this sweater style so much! Boots were an afterthought but I think it works!

Here's my favorite top right now, I think it's another one of those 'magic' tops that could look fantastic on anyone, I highly recommend them :) I've shown it before with a short sweater, here it is as just a tank, and looking great casual with jeans.

I've shown this sheer blouse, (another 'magic' top) before but I think it goes even better with these pants, and this necklace (below). It's such a great top for the office in the summer, cool when it's hot but enough coverage for when the A/C blows too much cold air.

Another of my new fav tops, I love the girliness of it, ruffled cap sleeves and flowers, but without being too frufru, and it's pretty flattering :) goes well with jeans or dressed up with a nice skirt.
I've had this skort forever, that's the nice thing about skirts/skorts is that they tend to fit through many sizes! I guess I've loved plaid for years :)

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