Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seaside Escape

On my list of things I wanted to accomplish some day was to have a beautiful seaside escape, beautiful water, sandy beaches, lovely seashells scattered everywhere, long docks to stroll on, quaint row boats to float in, sigh, that would be nice. Not happening any time soon.

Also on my list of things to accomplish this year was to finally finish decorating my upstairs bathroom, theme - seaside escape :)  To make a little happy place out of a usually not so pleasant place.  I also needed to find better storage, I had products and appliances distributed all over the house, not an efficient use of my time when time to get ready.  Well, it's done and here's just a glimpse of my 'getaway'. 
Note, the seashells frames I made (so I wouldn't have to pay $30 each for the only ones I could find for sale, these were all made for less than $20 total :)

My coconut lime soap, nothing smells more tropical to me than that! Notice my seashell shaped sink :) my house came that way, and I had the seashell theme in mind since the last house....cha-ching, lol

Pic of me and my sisters on a beach in California.

I painted and aged the shelf for the towels. 

I have seashells strewn about, some in some cute, metal sand pails. My shelving above the toilet looks like white-washed wood planks which for some reason always seems beach-housey to me.

My own little seaside if only my tub was as big as a sea, or at least just big enough for me to fit! lol.

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