Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stewardship Sunday

Well, it's almost half way through the year, thought it was about time I did a recap on my stewardship goals to see if I'm on track.

Stewardship of my Finances
1. & 3. Still trying to find a way to implement
2. Plan on paying off a loan for our furnace rather than going on vacation this year, will likely be paid off by December.
4. I have capped my Stampin' Up! expenses and have actually spent less than 50% of what I did last year.

Stewardship of my Home
5. After doing all the Fly Lady tactics once I haven't found the need to keep up with doing them all every month, but as needed I work on them and I feel pretty good about my home AND the effort I've had to put into it :)
6. I haven't got around to the rotating staple recipes yet, I feel like the recipes I haven't sorted yet should get done first, but I'm pretty content with the variety I've had in our meals, and my increased amount that are enjoyed by hubby vs. the easy recipes that make it easier to make supper rather than go out.
7. Making food from scratch has been an experiment :) Tried making broth twice before I liked it.  Pizza was made somewhat from scratch, we just used pre-made dough.  I now have a rice cooker and have added spices to rice myself so I can avoid those easy microwavable rice side dishes.
8. Have an inside scoop on a 50% off sale on bricks that happens during the summer, we'll be going out to buy all the brick we need for our patio and sidewalk as soon as we get word on the sale.  We're also going to contact the city to get old sandbags after the flood, so we can use the bags and sand to lay down before we put down the brick.
9. Finish upstairs bathroom decor & storage, done, as seen here.

Stewardship of my Body
10. I kept up with the motivators until lent but they didn't seem to be having much of an impact on my weight loss, and then mid-way through lent we started puppy-sitting which meant walking 2 km a day minimum so I put these on hold.
11. Have lost 5 lbs and 8% body fat
12. Still haven't done a Zumba class, I know of one on Tuesdays but had a prior Tuesday commitment. That commitment is over until September so I am going to check into that class again soon.
13. There are still a few areas I could stand to improve, but I have been increasing my skin care and taking all my vitamins.

Stewardship of my Earth
14. Made compost pile bigger by pulling out the bush in the backyard, buried all my compost saved over the winter. Missed my chance to get a cheap kitchen caddy this weekend, but I will continue to reuse plastic containers from food products for now.
15. Just bought my seedlings, seeds, dirt and planting pots to start my container gardening, hopefully will have those set up this week if the nice weather holds up in the evenings.
16. Haven't been too diligent with this monthly 100 mile meal, but now that the farmer's market is about to open shortly, I intend to make this happen the rest of the year.
17. Still need to find better options that work!
18. Well, there aren't that many left on the Million Acts of Green site that I can do, but here are a few more I've challenged myself to try this year: turn my computer off every night, air dry clothes, conserve more water

Stewardship of my Talents
19. I haven't had a lot of insights like I used to, but I have had a of relationships I have been in prayer for, rather than my own listening prayer for insight....hope to get back to this pronto now that I have had a lot of positive answers in those relationships.
20. I have spent quite a bit of time on the frames I made for my seaside escape bathroom, next I'm working on a bracelet I mentioned here.
21. I've been pulling back from Stampin' Up! so I intend to shift that creative time to getting back to my wedding scrapbook....still got about 10 pages left on that one!
22. Some journals are getting more entries than others, but there is monthly documentation of life going on.

Stewardship of my Communities
23. Sean and I have been walking together with the puppy more frequently, as well as I've been intentionally been trying to do something he likes with him Sunday evenings.
24. Can't donate blood until September because of my tattoo retouch.
25. I have put out a few offers to help people with things but no one has taken me up on them yet.
26. Will be babysitting my nieces this upcoming weekend! YAY!
27. Haven't quite had monthly hangouts with friends, almost....but I intend to make up for that shortly now that my friend the sun is here!
28. I have two couples from Church in mind to invite over....just have to finally get to it.
29. Volunteered as a table facilitator again, this time at the Boundaries course, and will be helping again at the Safe People course. Also contemplating other ministries I can help out.

Stewardship of my Growth
30. Haven't really made note of doing this.
31. Not done yet, first have to tune guitar....a challenge in itself.
32. Have read one of the books but 3 more have been added (at least I didn't buy them, all books borrowed from other people :)
33. Tried out a bunch of settings on a fantastic moonscape but haven't really checked out the results yet.
34. Did March and April but so far that's it.
35. Fell a little behind in Bible reading as my 6 am time was working perfect until dog walking came into the picture, have put NT CDs into the car though so I can now listen to my readings on the way to and from work. Prayer journal has been somewhat on par.

Stewardship of Living my Life
36. Finished one fiction book and started another, with another one on the shelf waiting to be read. Yes, they are all Ted Dekker :)
37. As mentioned in #2, not going to happen this year :(
38. Couple of months away but still looking forward to attending Folklarama.
39. Haven't painted the town red by myself yet.
40. Had a lot of time to myself now that hubby is volunteering too, it has been really nice having even one weekday evening I can think of only me. Like taking up the bathroom for a bubble bath and a good book for a few hours. Like stinking up the living room giving myself a pedicure for a few hours.  Like meandering through the mall, eating at the restaurant I want, spending as much time as I want browsing the stores I like. Makes me appreciate our time together even more.

Not too shabby.

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